My five favourite things to eat in London right NOW!

I am a pretty giddy person, naturally prone to hyping things up, getting over-excited and just the odd spot of hyperbole… but I promise you I am not exaggerating when I say that the London vegan options available right now have knocked my socks off.

sweet pie

I could wax lyrical for yonks, but here are my five fave places to eat right now:

Temple of Seitan – There’s not one, not two but three bricks-and-mortar digs where you can fulfil all your crispy chickn’ fantasies. Joining the original Hackney spot, and the newer larger Temple of Camden (next to the canal so it’s going to be perfect come summertime!) they’ve also launched a new “Seitanic laboratory” at their kitchen residency at the Lost Rivers Brewing Company bar on Old Street. The menu here includes ribs – made with an edible bone created with hardened seitan and filled with a marmite-y marrow – and the most delectable Temple Deluxe Beef Burger which legit left me dribbling.

temple deluxe

Crosstown doughnuts – If you’ve ever looked at my Instagram, even a cursory glance, you might have spotted my love for fried dough. I noticed the other day that my camera roll is pretty much an even split of photos of: my cats Betty and Chester, holiday snaps, screen shots of Trixie Mattel and endless lovingly-shot pictures of doughtnuts. They just speak to me, man. One of my favourite ‘treat’ ‘nuts for a while now is Crosstown. They have stores across London and sold vegan versions on Fridays/Saturday and Sunday, but they now have an all-vegan branch. I checked it out yesterday and filled my greedy little face with brand-new flavours including apple pie and peanut butter and jelly. Yasssssss!


Young Vegans – Is there anything more satisfying than a whopping great pie, smothered in creamy mash and unctuous gravy? Yeah, when there’s a bloody great sprinkling of crispy onions on top and you know that no animals were harmed in the making of the succulent meaty filling. I mean, c’mon! Young Vegans make the most delectable seitan and ale pies – amongst other fantastic fillings – and if that’s not enough they also create peanut butter and chocolate mud pies which are gooey and luxurious and oh I need a lie down.

pie mash

Patty and Bun – The other week I was invited to try out the Whoopi Goldberger – a brand-new all-vegan burger that Patty & Bun have created and are currently selling in their Brighton and Shoreditch burger bars. Consisting of a Tempeh & Mushroom Fritter, bread-and butter pickles, diced white onion, smoked gouda, mustard, ketchup, lettuce and an incredible Bonsoy brioche bun it vastly exceeded my expectations and I cannot wait to go back and it eat it all again. And again!

pat bun

Club Mexicana
It was Club Mexicana’s beautiful food that made me think ‘this vegan lark’s not too bad’ a few years ago and since then they’ve only gone and helped opened London’s first all-vegan pub – the Spread Eagle in Homerton. I talk about it here but I will repeat myself because having a gorgeous boozer where you can hang with your pals, drink great cocktails and eat THE MOST DELECTABLE food just makes me feel so incredibly happy.


Which places in London/the UK/the WORLD are you living for right now? Let me know where I NEED to go! x

2 thoughts on “My five favourite things to eat in London right NOW!

  1. There’s purezza in Brighton (all vegan pizza place) which is literally 30 minutes drive from me and I somehow still haven’t been! And happy maki (all vegan sushi) which I also haven’t tried !


    1. Hey Amelia, thanks for dropping by AGAV! There’s a Purezza opening in London very soon and I am so excited to try it as all the pictures I’ve seen of the pizzas look incredible. I have heard of Happy Maki too – only good things! Would love a weekend in Brighton eating all the yummy things! x


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