This Is What A Vegan Looks Like: Lucie c/o @uglyvegan

Morning Lads, I’m excited to share today’s This Is What A Vegan Looks Like interview with you, as it’s with the profoundly brilliant uglyvegan from Instagram. Lucie, who runs uglyvegan states “there’s more to veganism than yoga and chia seeds” and I’m doing a full-on Ru Paul-style ‘Yesssss gurl” scream in response.  Lucie says her uglyvegan account is “100% vegan 100% as ugly as ur mum” and I say in response “what’s not to love”? I’m toasting a Linda in your honour Lucie! Cheers!

Lucy Johnson Cover photo

1\ What made you go vegan? 
REAL TALK. I went vegan for myself. I used to eat dairy meat and wheat for every meal. Cheese and ham toasties, buttered toast, carbonara galore. All the fucking time. I didn’t eat vegetables, I didn’t cook. If it had bacon in it, it was in me. I decided to ‘diet’ and lost 4 stone, felt fucking amazing and started giving a shit about what I was putting in my body. I was calorie counting and eating ‘clean’. Then lightbulb moment… WHY THE FUCK AM I EATING ANIMALS. So I flat-out stopped. It was a weird process because it was a selfish diet that turned into this rad thing that invited lots of new information into my brain about the environment, about my health and about animals. I swear to fuck that going vegan is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m so awake, I’m so happy, I genuinely find every second of being vegan an absolute pleasure and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I couldn’t give a shit about my weight or how I look anymore (which is weirdly what got me into veganism in the first place) because I am happy to just not eat animal products.

Lucy Johnson 5

2\ If you could watch only 3 TV programmes for the rest of your life, what would they be?

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Peep Show, Twilight Zone. EEEASY.

Lucy Johnson 2

3\ What’s your favourite place in the entire world?

I was coming back from the airport a couple of weeks ago and I was speaking to an old man called Colin. He told me that for the past 60 years he’s always had the same breakfast, without fail, every day: two cigars and a cup of black coffee. He asked me where I’d been and I ended up confiding in him that I’d just come back from seeing ‘my mistress’ – I was jet lagged to shit but what I meant by this is London is my wife-city, New York is my mistress-city. Vegan food is phenomenal in NYC but London is my home.

lucy Johnson 7

4\ What are the vegan options like where you live?

I live in Kings Cross so I am one of The Lucky Ones. I get Mildred’s deliverooed to my doorstep at least once a week without fail. I am bankrupt and fat because of this but the novelty WILL NEVER WEAR OFF.

Lucy Johnson 4

5\ What is your idea of happiness?

In my last job interview (completely not vegan-related job) my interviewer asked me “what makes you happy?” and I blurted out “KINDNESS”. I absolutely took myself by surprise because it came out so suddenly and so naturally but I actually managed to mince together an eloquent sounding explanation which was something along the lines of: it’s easy to forget that kindness exists in these uncertain times, but it’s fucking there. And if you practice kindness yourself, you’ll see it shines everywhere: the unsuspecting punk guy helping an old lady reach a pack of cereal on the top shelf, a child sharing a bag of chips with another child, moving a snail out of a cycle path, giving up seats on the tube. Kindness fucking rules.

lucy Johnson 8

6\ What 3 other vegans would you like to be stuck in a lift with and why?

NONE. I heard that vegans eat loads of vegetables so they’ll probably fart a bunch and that would be gross.

Lucy Johnson 3

7\ What are your all-time favourite vegan foods?

WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME. Holy shit. I’m gonna say Linda McCartney sausages because they are so versatile, so accessible and also they are like the vegan food equivalent of a gateway drug. If in doubt: LINDAS.

lucy Johnson 9

8\ What song do you most likely dance to at a party?

I do my best dancing in my kitchen whilst cooking. I am good at dancing to Drake and Taylor Swift but most music I listen to is angry boy music which you can’t really dance to.

Lucy Johnson 6

9\ Who in the world would you like to see go vegan?

EVERYONE. Seriously. It’s so possible. I’m not big on celeb culture at all but essentially the more influential people that go vegan, the better.

2 thoughts on “This Is What A Vegan Looks Like: Lucie c/o @uglyvegan

    1. I love Lucie’s answers ESP her one about kindness! Made me do a tiny cry because I love seeing kindness more than any other damn thing, even more than tacos Jen. Even more than tacos.

      Liked by 1 person

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