Product Review: Fry’s Chicken-Style Nuggets

Welcome to  a new feature on All Good, All Vegan! Before I start I must confirm that I am not paid by anyone in anyway to promote these products nor have I ever been given any of these products for free. I am always up for getting freebies though.*Does Tim from The Office stare to camera.* Seriously, I love free food. But I digress… these products are all ones that I love using and always recommend to people thinking of eating less meat/dairy or who are thinking of trying out a vegetarian/vegan diet. First up we have Fry’s Chicken-Style Nuggets (which I lovingly refer to as C-Nuggs).

Frys Fam C Nuggs

What is it?

Not good for those who avoid soya or wheat, these little nuggets are made from selected proteins which come from grains and legumes, which are coated in a crispy golden crumb. Sold frozen they take around 8 minutes to fry or 11 minutes to bake.


Who makes it?

Fry’s family began in 1991, where committed vegetarians Debbie and Wally Fry began making protein alternatives for themselves. A year later they turned this into a business and it is still owned and run by the Fry family. They say that “we live and breathe the work we do, committed to the true ethics of vegetarianism. All our food is made using the finest quality ingredients in dedicated meat free factory and carry endorsements from the highest authorities of vegetarianism in the world.”


How much is it?

A box of 380g (which will get you through around 3 or 4 meals for 2 people depending on how hungry you are) will cost about £3.25 but is regularly on offer.


Where can I buy it?

At the time of writing this blogpost, Ocado stock it along with a huge range of other Frys products. Nearly every Holland & Barrett store I’ve been into that has freezers seem to stock this too. Morrisons stock them too.


What can I make using it?

Oh gosh! So many wonderful things! Before I went vegan one of my favourite things to eat was chicken so these c-nuggs enable me to eat so many of my top dishes. I like to bake the C-Nuggs before chopping them up then adding a big dollop or mayo and sweetcorn for a brilliant sandwich filling or jacket-potato topping. Great with udon noodles or special fried rice my fave thing to make with them is probably an Katsu Curry – using the pre-made sauce from Waitrose – and served with rice and vegetables. I sometimes add some C-Nuggs to home-made or delivery pizzas and have been known to eat them alongside beans and hashbrowns when I am hankering for a ‘biege’ meal. These nuggets are really versatile – with a soft, convincingly chicken-y inside and a crisp, crunchy outside.

udons and chicken

I hope you enjoyed this review. Big up to everyone already in the C-Nuggs Fan Club, there is room for a lot more of us!

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