Rocky Road – vegan style.

I used to make non-vegan rocky road a lot – it’s a really easy and fun thing to make and it always tastes pretty damn epic. Also the jeweled cherries within the gooey chocolate looks so pretty. I had some vegan marshmallows and thought I’d give it a go. Reader, it worked. The rich dark chocolate is balanced by the syrup and the sweets studded in the rocky road. I made this for a mate’s leaving tea at work and by the time I got to the cake table to eat a chunk of it, it was all gone; which I take to be very positive feedback.



100g vegan butter/margarine

300g dark chocolate

2/3tbsp golden syrup

Around 100g rich tea biscuits

Around 6 Oreo biscuits

A couple of handfuls of vegan marshmallows

Around 10 glace cherries

Optional: a pinch of Maldon Sea Salt

Optional: you can add any of your fave chopped-up vegan chocolate bars

Optional: top with bashed Oreos/Biscoff biscuits

Optional: Drizzle vegan-friendly milk or white chocolate onto the Rockyroad or sprinkle vegan-friendly chocolate drops/shavings on top of the ‘road.



a\ Break the dark chocolate into a clean pyrex bowl and place it over a pan of boiling water. Melt the chocolate slowly.

b\ Add the syrup and butter and stir through until smooth and shiny. Then take the bowl off the heat. You might want to save the hot water in the pan to help wash the bowl once everything’s cooked.

c\ Whilst the chocolate is cooling, chop up the glace cherries, roughly break up the biscuits, if your marshmallows are large chop them up and if you’re using any chocolate bars chop these into small chunks too.

d\ Add handfuls of the chopped sweets, biscuits and cherries to the chocolate, stirring gently. The mixture should be a little gloopy and a little stiff too – but this is up to your taste.


e\ Cover a dish/tray with foil or baking paper and pour in the mixture. If you want to stud the top with any biscuits/chocolates then do so now. Cover and cool in the fridge for at least an hour.

f\ If you want to add a chocolate drizzle then do this now and then cool again. Once you’re ready slice into bars and chunks. Dust with icing sugar/or glitter if you’re feeling extra fancy.


Perfect with a cuppa, a little can go a long way. Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Rocky Road – vegan style.

    1. Thank you! It was fun making them & they were brilliantly squidgy. Mmmm squidgy! Thanks so much for dropping by AGAV!


  1. Work has a “Bring a signature dish” in this week and I shall be showing off your fabulous Vegan rocky road. As most people at work think I live off of nuts and fruit, it’ll be nice to show everyone that we can still eat unhealthy chocolaty tucka!


    1. Ooooh! I hope it goes down really well. It certainly tastes really decadent & not at all “rabbit food”-y so great for busting vegan myths. Enjoy!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This looks AMAZING! A friend used to make a version of this as a teenager and we’d polish off the lot – fond memories of my metabolism as a 17 year old… definitely one to share nowadays sadly! x


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