CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COME ON! aka: my first Veganiversary!

Howdy pals. I’m writing today with a big grin on my dorky ol’ face because it’s my first Veganiversary. I am just so thrilled about this and to celebrate I thought I’d share with you 52 very random thoughts – one for every week last year – I have about all things vegan. You’re very welcome.


  1. Oat milk is my absolute fave non-dairy milk. I am a big fan of rice milk (on cereal) and Almond and Soya milk have their moments; especially in coffee. I’m afraid I can’t get on board with Hemp Milk even though it sounds so good for you. But Oat milk, oh Oat milk – specifically Oatly Barista and Oatly Chocolate – you’re the best.
  2. I could and will eat Biscoff spread straight from the jar on a spoon.bettychester
  3. Betty and Chester remind me every single day that animals are individuals. Chester is a charmer, and despite being a tiny squirt, is a bit of a tough guy in his own head. Betty is the most gentle, loving girl… until visitors come round and then she’s neurotic and anxious. They definitely feel a range of emotions including joy and fear and if they can there’s no reason why animals bred to make food don’t too.
  4. There will NEVER be a time when I walk into Planet Organic and don’t leave having bought way too many fabulous food or beauty things. When I’m broke and walking past a Planet Organic I should superglue my purse shut.img_4097
  5. Club Mexicana make the most incredible vegan food – from the Beer Battered Tofish Tacos to the Mexican street corn they are absolute champs and I love them.
  6. I wish there was a really good TV programme about veggie food. I love Rick Stein’s Long Weekends and would love to see a really fun, beautiful food/travel show that focuses on vegetarian and vegan meals. If I wasn’t the most awkward person on earth I’d write to the BBC and offer to present it.esther
  7. Esther The Wonder Pig will always, ALWAYS, make me smile.
  8. Pret’s choc pots are dangerously tasty. They should sell them in every Pret throughout the land and also in the Bathroom Store beneath my flat, thanks.
  9. Booja-Booja truffles are the most decadent and luxurious chocolates that could even win over Ron Swanson.img_4316
  10. Pizza places that don’t add any extra vegan toppings gratis to compensate for the fact you’ve paid for cheese you aren’t having will always do my effing nut in.
  11. On my next USA roadtrip I’ll be visiting drive-thru fast-food vegan joints in Las Vegas and San Diego and I cannot wait until vegan food is this ubiquitous in the UK.
  12. Clean eating and veganism are Not. The. Same. Thing. Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. It doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t want to eat pasta, or fat, or sugar. Sometimes all at once. When people equate the two I’m like nah, naaaah bruv.
  13. I love a bit of vegan junk food now and again, that said, my optimum state of wellbeing comes from drinking enough water, taking exercise a few times a week, sleeping well, eating nutritious, wholesome food, laughing a lot, reading something stimulating or watching an amazing film or TV series, and being kind. Obvious really, but it works.temple-of-seitan
  14. Temple of Seitan opening a vegan ‘chicken’ shop in London this year is a game changer. Not only is their food luscious but making vegan food accessible and showing people you don’t have to “miss out on things” is properly magical.
  15. Some of the celebrities I fancy the MOST are vegan: Joaquin Phoenix, Kate Mara, Peter Sarsgaard. All good, all vegan.
  16. Some celebrity vegans are people you might not expect. Rob Zombie is a muthafucken vegan!
  17. In fact you could do a REALLY good playlist of only vegan musicians and it would be really good. Stevie Wonder, SIA, Moby, Prince, SOKO, Morrissey, and Miley Cyrus. Wrecking Ball is a club banger and you know it.mayo
  18. Veganaise claims to be even better than mayonnaise. It’s a bold claim… but it’s true.
  19. Vegan travel is fun! I ate so well when I went to Copenhagen last year and my plans for this year’s new year Reykjavik adventure are looking amazingly tasty.
  20. Being vegan means most office snacks are off-limits. I think this is, surprisingly, a really good thing. I never count calories and as you know, think labelling food as “clean” or “dirty” is absolute bunkum, but I love not mindlessly grazing on biscuits and cake because it’s in the office and I’m bored. Not having ready access to office snacks means that if I do really want a treat I have to get my own, so when I do chow down it’s because I really want to.piggeh
  21. We are not taught anything like enough about where our food comes from or how it is produced. The disconnect between what happens on farms and in Slaughterhouses and what’s on supermarket shelves and our plates is bad news. We need our children to be better educated about how to cook, the impact of farming on the planet and to make informed choices about what to eat.
  22. This isn’t exclusive to vegan nosh, but some of the best-looking food tastes very ‘meh’ and some of the nastiest-looking (and thus least instagrammable unless you’re @uglyvegan) food tastes like THA BOMB.zizzi
  23. There’s debate around whether the vegan cheese on Zizzi’s pizzas is gross or amazing. I can exclusively reveal it’s incredible and I could eat it with a ladle all day long.
  24. Nothing to do with vegan things but RuPaul’s Drag Race is amazing.
  25. The Save movement is powerful but heartbreaking. Seeing animals on their way to slaughter, bearing witness, is something I want to be a part of, but something that looks so intense and devastating.img_4072
  26. When I first tried nooch (nutritional yeast) I thought it looked like dandruff and tasted gross. Now I think it looks like dandruff and tastes increeeeeeeeeeedible. I put whole handfuls of it on my pasta. It’s so good.
  27. Lisa Simpson should be vegan already.
  28. When you have, like, the perfect avocado or peach or orange there’s basically nothing more delicious on the planet.
  29. I have never ONCE missed eating eggs. I am actually delighted that I don’t have to deal with them now as I was always creeeeeeped out by their sliminess.matt-and-nat
  30. Matt & Nat’s handbags are sustainable, vegan and totally and utterly BEAUTIFUL.
  31. Not all tattoos are vegan but you CAN get a vegan tattoo. It IS vegan to watch Tattoo Fixers and laugh at the before AND after tattoos.
  32. When talking about vegan things (or anything) online (and IRL) I always try and stay polite. I’ve had people calling me a bitch and telling me to shut the fuck up and – like Michelle Obama says – when they go low you stay high. I cannot emphasise this enough as a life strategy. Whether talking about veganism, Brexit or the pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre, pause before shouting back. Acknowledge to yourself that you might not know what circumstances people are in before replying to them. Be wary of shouting people down and listen to why they’re saying the things they are. I have no problem calmly rebutting people if I have evidence they are factually incorrect. Don’t be afraid to appeal to both the head and the heart. And if you’ve done all of that, and they’re just outright dicks, why not mute them!
  33. One of my fave meals has always been rice noodles and veggies and I love it just as much now I’m vegan. My favourite meals are cheap, use up whatever veg I have on stand-by and make me feel nourished and satisfied.header
  34. Every bowl of CookDaily food I’ve ever had has been incredible.
  35. I still can’t cook quinoa and have it end up tasting anything other than bleurgh.
  36. When you first go vegan you might poop a lot. A lot a lot. Your body (like the amazing Warren G song) regulates but whoah momma, those first few weeks….ms-cupcake
  37. The tough thing about Ms Cupcake – in Brixton, South London – is having to choose between their rad baked goods AND all the neat chocolate bars they stock. Whyyyyy!??! *SHAKES FIST*
  38. It took me nearly a year to try scrambled tofu – like I said, eggs give me the willies – but it was so nice! That will teach me for being a wimp!v-rev
  39. V-Rev in Manchester have the BEST names for their ace dinners. “Satay Away”, “Paint It Guac”, “Toastface Grillah”, “Fillet Seymour Hoffman”. It does NOT get better than this.
  40. Even if it’s a vegan burger, I don’t want it served in a shoe or a wheelbarrow. We want plates yo.
  41. I feel like veganism has helped me to empathise more with people as well as animals. It’s scary feeling vulnerable but having a tender heart in a sometimes-brutal world is a brave and righteous thing.yorica
  42. When summer hits I’m going to want to be hitting up Yorica! Three of my fave words in the world are: Vegan. Soft. Serve.
  43. If you need vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic and beauty things and you’re stuck on the high-street without much time or money – try the Superdrug own-brand. They do not test any of our their own-brand products or their ingredients on animals, nor do they commission, via third parties, testing of their products on animals. YEAH BOOOOYYYY.fry-up
  44. I’ve never met a plate of hashbrowns & Linda McCartney sausages I didn’t like.
  45. Maybe it’s my increasing age but I can and will tweet at companies to complain when they use excessive packaging on the stuff they try and sell me. There is no Planet B, you guys.
  46. I love that Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey helped rescue a runaway bull that escaped a slaughterhouse in Jamaica, New York. There is nothing better in the world than being kind.jus-rol
  47. There is no weekend that can’t be improved with the inclusion of Jus-Rol “accidentally vegan” baked goods. The cinnamon swirls are too good for this world.
  48. I want to open an Animal-Sanctuary with an inbuilt Vegan Diner and Tiki Bar. More than anything else. One day my time will come.
  49. If you go vegan you might also see blatant cognitive dissonance everywhere. For example the fact that Marks and Spencer’s Percy Pig sweets are made with pork gelatine and the Percy Pig packets describe how you can “come and meet Percy’s new piglets!” makes me shudder.
  50. Being vegan has thrown up some WEIRD convos – in the office we once discussed whether adults drinking human breast milk is vegan. I don’t want to discuss adults drinking human breast milk in my office or, I think, any office.animals
  51. It feels good beyond words to spend another day alive without causing deliberate harm to another creature. I never ever knew it would have such a profound effect on me but living this gentle way feels utterly joyous.
  52. I’ve met so many amazing vegans online and in real life and they RULE.

There we have it! A thought for every week I’ve been vegan. Do you have any thoughts about my thoughts? Join the Thought Club in the comments below! And thank you so much for dropping by. Sharing my story with you on All Good, All Vegan has been superb!


16 thoughts on “CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COME ON! aka: my first Veganiversary!

    1. Jennnnnnnn! Thank you, so so much. Thank you for helping me find my vegan path, helping me with my various question in my early days and being a 100% bad-ass vegan babe! You RULE! Can’t wait until many many more veganniversaries!!! Xxx


    1. Oh thank you! I’m so pleased I made you laugh – yay! Thank you so much for dropping by and taking the time to comment – I’m made up you enjoyed it!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This has brought me so much joy. I LOVE how veganism can turn out meaning so much and it being more than just being a considerate human. Much love to you & keep on being awesome! xx


    1. Arghhhhh! Thank you Sareta! I had no idea it would have been so profound… or so much fun. Absolutely love it. Thank you SO much! Excited about the next year of vegan goodies already…! Xx


    1. Thank you!! The sanctuary is gonna be so amazing! We’ll have jus-rol for brunch & noochy dinners. It’ll be rad! Thanks so much for reading my blogpost! x


  2. Hey! Happy veganniversary! I just had mine on Feb 28th too and so happy – just wish I had made the change sooner… Love so much of this post, Esther, JusRoll and much more 🙂 Gonna have to add you to my reading/follow list as always looking for fresh new vegan blogs to read. Vegan love from Glasgow!


    1. Hey Vegancruiser! Thanks so much for stopping by AGAV & this great comment! Almost every day I’m shocked & delighted by how fulfilling veganism is- it’s great talking to so many other rad vegans too! And Esther, gorgeous greedy Esther! I’ll make sure I follow you too!


  3. Great post, I really enjoyed reading this. And congratulations on your Vegan anniversary! What a huge accomplishment.

    BTW, you have GOT to tell me where to get one of those vegan hotdog enamel pins!!!



    1. Hello Thomas, thanks so much for your lovely comment! I’m already excited about my second (& third, & so on…) veganiversaries! Pin is from V-Rev a vegan diner in Manchester, UK. It’s so good! Thanks for stopping by AGAV!

      Liked by 1 person

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