Veganuary Class of 2017: Jade Baker

Today’s interview features the bodacious Jade Baker who I’ve followed on Instagram for a while and whilst I’ve previously loved seeing snaps of her fashion, crafting and her tiny fluffy cat-bebe, at the start of this year I was psyched to see that she was trying Veganuary and… absolutely killing it. Her love for Vegenaise, like mine, knows no bounds!

She says: “I’m 24 and living in Southampton with my boyfriend Dom, stepson Josh and cat Luna. I’m currently an assistant manager at a fabric store and spend my spare time sewing, designing and working on my Etsy store ‘MyPoorPurse‘. I’ve been an omni my whole life until deciding to take part in veganuary this year!”


Over to you Jade:

1/ Did you enjoy Veganuary?

I did! I was expecting to find it really difficult and thought I would miss so many things/never know what to cook, but it was a breeze.

2/ What made you give it a go?

I had a few vegan friends who I had some discussions with about vegan diets and ways of life and thought I’d give myself the challenge of trying it for a month. I knew that if I struggled it would only be a couple of weeks of my life and I could go back to normal if I wanted to at the end.


3/ Was it harder/easier than you’d expected?

So much easier than expected! I was always one of those people that would say “I could never be vegan” but there are so many alternatives out there now that finding substitutes for my favourite foods was really easy!

4/ Was there any non-vegan food you really missed?

Surprisingly not, I get the odd cravings but a lot of them are for things I very rarely had in the first place. I think subconsciously I want them more because I know I can’t have them now.


5/ What was your fave vegan discovery? 

Vego! And Sriracha veganaise. These two have been like crack for me. I’ve had to stop buying vego bars because I can get through an entire large bar in one sitting.

6/ Was there anything you tried & really didn’t like?

Quorn vegan chicken breasts: I’m pretty sure they’re the spawn of satan. Cooked some to go with a roast and I’d honestly rather eat a piece of cardboard. Never again.


7/ Did you have any slip-ups?

One on the first week 😦 We got some Linda M pulled pork burgers and I was so caught up looking for dairy in foods that I forgot to look for honey! It wasn’t until a vegan friend pointed it out that we realised. But I’m not going to beat myself up because as far as I’m aware that’s the only slip up in five weeks after going from full blown omni to vegan overnight!

8/ How did friends, family & colleagues react?

Most friends have been supportive, I’ve had the odd few comments about it being weird etc but I don’t really care. My parents have been great, they’ve even been having veggie/vegan meals for a few days every week and my mums been sending updates on what they’ve tried which has been awesome 😀


9/ Was there anything you expected to be vegan that you were surprised to find actually isn’t?

Crisps, so many crisps have milk which is ridiculous. Also so many dark chocolates have milk in them. I find myself regularly muttering “why is there milk in this” when I’m doing the food shop.

10/ Was there anything you expected not to be vegan that you were surprised to find actually is?

Skips, certain cookies/biscuits and pot noodles. Which means my inner fatty is forever satisfied!


11/ Did you learn anything new as a result of Veganuary?

People have very strong opinions against vegans. My willpower is better than I ever imagined. I don’t have to spend my days eating rabbit food. It is possible you will give up meat and dairy but still put on weight because vegan junk food is the best.

12/ Did you eat any amazing meals out & about?

Me and my boyfriend went to Handmade Burger Co. for lunch as they were doing 50% for Veganuary. I chose the Mexican burger with Cajun fries and it was beautiful, all cooked from scratch and I snuck in my own mayo 😀


13/ Will you be changing your lifestyle at all as a result of Veganuary? 

Yes! I’ve decided to stay vegan now that it’s over! I feel so great physically and mentally because of it. My next step is to replace make up and toiletries as they run out until everything is vegan-friendly.

14/ Anything you’d like to add?

If you think you couldn’t ever be vegan you are wrong, there’s so many options out there now for vegans and you will feel so much better for it!

Also veganuary will make you poop more than you ever thought you would but my god you will feel great!



4 thoughts on “Veganuary Class of 2017: Jade Baker

    1. I am absolutely loving them too. So inspiring and so fascinating. I love that Veganuary and creating so many more vegans and making it so much more accessible for everyone. Makes me genuinely giddy! Thanks so much for stopping by! Lots of AGAV love to you! X

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s amazing isn’t it! Veganuary is SO BRILL! I’m excited to see their stats & hoping next year even more people take part too. Thanks for dropping by AGAV! x


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