This Is What A Vegan Looks Like: Moo of Moo’s Food

I am absolutely thrilled to feature my youngest vegan – so far! – as part of my This Is What A Vegan Looks Like series, today. And it’s the lovely Moo from Moo’s Food.

Moo’s food always looks incredibly tasty but it’s her wisdom and compassion which knocks my socks off. Seeing young women like Moo rocking a cruelty-free lifestyle and being so inspirational makes my heart sing!

Mabel (Moo for short) is 13 years old and follows a gluten free, refined sugar free and vegan diet. She blogs here and shares recipes on her Instagram (@MoosFood) too as she wants to educate more people on this way of eating and show that it isn’t boring or restricting at all!

Here are some fantastic facts about Moo:

  • She loves animals
  • She has about 18 pets (2 dogs, 2 cats, a rabbit, a guinea pig, 6 ducks and 6 chickens!) Just some of them: Pie, Ralf, Puddling, Rosie and Boo are all featured below.
  • Moo loves to draw and wants to be an illustrator when she grows up – or a vegan chef!!

Take it away Moo!

1/ What made you go vegan?

I was vegetarian for about a year, then after lots of tonsillitis, and then a tonsillectomy I didn’t get any better. I felt really tired all the time and could only go to school part-time. I became gluten-free first and then, about 2 years ago, I gave up milk (I never ate eggs and cheese anyway) so I became vegan. I feel so much better now nearly all of the time!

Also, I began to find out more about the meat and dairy industries – mostly from Youtube and Instagram accounts – and I was shocked and upset by what I found out, as we are taught the opposite of this in school. I am never, in my life, going to eat animal products again and will definitely raise my children to be vegan.


2/ If you could only watch 3 TV programmes for the rest of your life, what would they be? 

Outnumbered, Gogglebox and Sherlock!

3/ What’s your favorite place in the entire world?

I love London but I would love to go to New York and LA one day…


4/ What are the vegan options like where you live?

I live in a really small town so there is mainly nothing I can eat apart from chips! For school lunches my school cook special vegan and gluten-free options just for me, which is good. My nearest city is Leicester and I love to eat at @mithaas_restaurant as it’s all vegetarian and mostly vegan. I love going to London as there are so many vegan options everywhere!

5/ What is your idea of happiness?

My idea of happiness is a world in which everyone is vegan, animals are free and all children get free vegan marshmallows given to them!


6/ Which three other vegans would you most like to be stuck in a lift with?

@ellagracedenton – I met Ella at TeenDo last year. She is so nice and I think would be able to keep everyone calm.

@bettybrayf – She does amazing vegan baking and I think would have great snacks for us all!

@plantbasedjudy – I have been watching her YouTube channel for a year and I finally met her at VegFest last year. She is funny and would keep everyone entertained until we are rescued!

7/ Do you have a favorite motto, if so, what is it?

She believed she could so she could off her arse and did it!


8/ What are your all-time fave vegan things to eat?

Oh my goodness, this could be a long list of things! Vego! Any dairy-free white chocolate, Om bar, Ananda’s marshmallows, anything from @cookieandscreambakery. My favourite recipe to make at home is Gado Gado – the recipe by @we_are_food.

9/ What song do you most like to dance to at a party?

American Boy by Estelle and ANYTHING by Beyoncé.


10/ Who in the world would you most like to see go vegan?

I would love Beyoncé to go vegan. She is such a big role model for me and I would look up to her even more if she stopped eating animal products!


2 thoughts on “This Is What A Vegan Looks Like: Moo of Moo’s Food

    1. I hope it never happens but I know you awesome ladies would make the most of it! And hopefully have good snacks on hand! X


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