My First Vegan Christmas

I am over-the-moon happy with how easy, tasty and quietly luxurious my first ever Christmas as a vegan has been. Winter is a time for roast veggies, pies and gravy, thigh-thickening meals, candle-light & creamy booze. I got to have all of this whilst maintaining a) a cruelty-free lifestyle & b) my usual disregard for calorie counting or feeling guilty about loving eating food. I did notice that I did feel less oh-man-I’ve-undone-my-Jean-buttons-and-I-still-can’t-breath feelings than my pre-vegan days. Which meant I could hit the cheese board AND the chocolate truffles after lunch. Back-of-the-net!

Hope you’ve eaten well, laughed with family, friends & pets and spent quality time in your pajamas.

Here are some of my festive highlights:


Betty and Chester under the tree. They broke into their stockings early because they’re rebels & don’t conform to your RULES, man.

A vegan cheese-board that way exceeded my expectations. Accidentally-vegan crackers, grapes, Pink Lady apple, Sainsbury’s Wensleydale-Style Free From cheese with Cranberries & Sainsbury’s Soft Cheese-style with. Garlic & Herb. Delicious.

Marks & Spencer “Oriental Vegetable” canapés. They say “vegetarian” on the box but are vegan & are quick, easy and proper tasty.

One of my fave mince pies this year was from Cafe Nero. Deep-filled juicy mince in soft, buttery pastry. I’ll miss not being able to eat these on the regular.

For Christmas Lunch I had my first ever Tofurkey! Verdict: tasty. Surprisingly tasty. Affordable and easy to cook too. Along with stuffing, tenderstem broccoli, roast potatoes in garlic and rosemary, maple parsnips and carrots, sweet corn, creamed leeks and a (gravy) boatload of, um, gravy. Next year I’d probably add some bread sauce and attempt some vegan Yorkshire puddings along with all of this but, yeah, dead chuffed with this lunch.

For a decadent, creamy Christmas tipple look no further than mixing half parts of Marks & Spencer’s Gold Creme Brûlée Liquer and Oatly’s chocolate milk. SO good. If you wanted to make it stronger add a splash of vodka. If you want to make it even creamier add a splash of dairy-free cream.

Boxing Day leftover sarnie = Tofurkey, stuffing, cranberry jelly, crispy onions and lashings of Veganaise mayo. SOOOOO good. Argh.

Christmas Day breakfast for Josh and I was vegan all the way. Bucks Fizz and Jus Rol accidentally Cinnamon rolls. Fun for all the family.

In case there was any worry, at all, that all this food wouldn’t be enough Josh bought me a whole bunch of vegan chocolate and goodies. Including Booja-Booja truffles (how are they so perfect though?!), a Round Up! Wagon Wheel and Raspberry Ruffles. Truly scrumptious.

Oh and after lunch we played ‘Hare and Tortoise’ which with the cabbage and carrot cards looks like THE most vegan board game ever!

What did you have for Christmas? Did you play and win a board Game? And what IS the best Christmas movie? Home Alone right? Right?!


9 thoughts on “My First Vegan Christmas

    1. Mmmm! That all sounds so good. Linda Mc sausages are superb – so glad they’re vegan! I also didn’t win at the board game…but I did get to eat Booja-Booja truffles which felt like a huge win! Glad your Christmas was so gorgeous!

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    1. It was such a great experience – so happy with everything I ate! And yes – it was accidentally vegan as when I bought it I had no idea it would be quite SO veggie-friendly!


    1. I can’t praise it enough @Lilylipstick! I am so into Oatly – they’re such a great company and their products are just SO good. Wow – that sounds amazing. I need to get my butt down to Brighton more often as it really is. Happy New Year! X


    1. It was so good Vegan High Fives and I’m going to try and bake next year and be a bit more adventurous but yeah, it was so tasty and I didn’t feel nearly as stuffed. I really didn’t miss the meat or cheese at all. Never would have thought that would be the case but there you go – how ace is that!?


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