This Is What A Vegan Looks Like: Nadia Henderson

It’s the most wonderful time of the week. Any week. It’s TIWAVLL (This Is What A Vegan Looks Like) time!

Today’s super-rad vegan is Nadia Henderson. She’s a writer living in London with her boyfriend and their adopted cat, Bella. She blogs at (not so) quiet girl where you can expect fantastic posts on vegan beauty, lifestyle and food. Her hobbies include watching YouTube videos in the bath (particularly makeup tutorials and vegan vlogs) and meeting with the amazing women’s writing group she’s a part of. She also loves Twitter and is really happy to have been able to connect with so many other bad-ass creators on that platform!

I completely love Nadia’s thoughtful writing and her beauty posts are especially invaluable to me as I’m still getting to grips with cruelty-free cosmetics.


Over to you Nadia:

1/ What made you go vegan?

I’d been vegetarian for around 5 years, and had always cared deeply about animal welfare – I support WWF, and had stopped using cosmetics from brands that test on animals. I was pretty satisfied with my contribution as a vegetarian, and although I’d never fully ruled out being vegan, I was in the “it’s too hard / I like cheese” camp. Then I watched Cowspiracy, and learned about the effect that animal agriculture has on the planet, and how even the big environmental charities are trying to cover things up. I was upset and shocked and something just clicked. I didn’t commit to going vegan overnight, but instead decided I would transition slowly. After around two months of transitioning I was fully done with consuming animal products and haven’t looked back since.

2/ If you could only watch 3 TV programmes for the rest of your life, what would they be?

This is such a tough question! I’d have to choose LOST as one of them. I was a huge LOST fan and have re-watched the whole series several times already, but I’m sure if I watched it another 100 times I would still notice new and revealing aspects of the story.


3/ What or where’s your favorite place in the entire world?

I do love my home – it’s where I feel safest. That being said, I visit Sweden a lot as my boyfriend is from there, and I am in love with the feeling of calm and the connection with the nature I get there. His family lives in a small town 4 hours north of Stockholm and there are some beautiful landscapes in that area. I would love to one day travel through Scandinavia.

4/ What are the vegan options like where you live?

The scene isn’t great in my immediate area – I do miss being able to pop out somewhere within walking distance for brunch! London on the whole is really good for vegans, though. There are lots of vegan options (even full menus) available at chain restaurants now, and we have some brilliant veggie/vegan restaurants. I do have a good health store near me, but I’m a danger to myself – my bank balance, at least – when I go in there!


5/ What is your idea of happiness?

I’m pretty introverted and am definitely a homebody. I also love weekends. Every Friday, when I arrive home, get cosy, and settle down with some nice food and a show to watch with my boyfriend, with the idea of a long lie in the following morning in my mind…I have this burst of joy inside me. That’s my happy place.

6/ Which three other vegans would you most like to be stuck in a lift with?

Grimes, because I love her music! Ellen Page, because she’s so cool. Benjamin Zephaniah, because he’s captivating to listen to and I’d love to pick his brains about writing.


7/ Do you have a favorite motto, if so, what is it?

One of my main mottos is “you have to laugh.” I don’t know if it’s really a motto, but it has rang true for me many times in my life when times have been tough.

8/ What are your all-time fave vegan things to eat?

There are too many to list! But I’m up to the challenge…

For savoury meals, I love Asian food – noodles, Thai vegan rice dishes, bean curd, etc. I love a good vegan pizza, and of course chips. For breakfast – anything with avocados, porridge with a massive dollop of golden syrup, anything with peanut butter involved. My favourite vegan treats are Vego bars, chewy sweets from Goody Good Stuff and vegan ice cream.

I basically love all food, but my all-time favourite meal is plain white rice with a side of baked beans. It’s my ultimate comfort food. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!


9/ What song do you most like to dance to at a party?

I’ll dance to pretty much anything, but stick on Wannabe by the Spice Girls and I’ll take it to another level.

10/ Who in the world would you most like to see go vegan?

Everyone! It would be amazing if my immediate family made the switch – it can be difficult to know that your loved ones consume animal products. From a tactical perspective, I’d love to see someone like Zoella adopt a vegan lifestyle – she has a huge reach and could help inspire a whole new generation of conscious eaters!


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