Club Mexicana at OktoberFeast

Last night saw me eating and drinking at Street Feast’s OktoberFeast at Hawker House. As this was a German-themed event it meant I could practice some of my favourite German chat-up lines too. Ich mag sehr deine behaarte brust (I really like your hairy chest). Which we can all agree is a very good thing.


Street Feast

In case you’ve not already been, Street Feast are a series of food markets across London – my personal favourite is Model Market in Lewisham, BIG UP South East London! – that see lots of traders and bars coming together to make the good people of London eat and drink very well. They’re great for a night out with lots of pals because there are so many choices that I cannot fathom a situation where anyone could leave without finding something really satisfying to eat.

img_4096Club Mexicana

I’ve already waxed lyrical about Club Mexicana and I’ll do it again. And again dammit.  But hot-damn! All vegan food, made by lovely people, that’s an absolute bargain to boot. As it was an OktoberFeast event their seasonal menu had a Deutsch spin. I had nachos topped with pulled jackfruit, handmade sauerkraut, jalapeno mustard, fresh dill, shredded red cabbage, cream, chillis and cheese. As I wolfed them down I couldn’t help but declare bist sehr sexy (you’re so sexy)!

The jackfruit was juicy and tender. The toppings were a perfect piquant mix of spice and creaminess and I could write a poem as long as my arm about how incredible their cheese sauce is. There were also burritos and tacos available and if I wasn’t such a wuss I could have eaten them all!

img_4098England V Germany – Beer World Cup

As it was OktoberFeast my husband Josh and I thought we’d tackle some of the beers. It was the World Cup Final of Beer with England and German beers battling for the prize. First-up was England’s selection and we had a paddle of 10 different beer. Josh’s favourite was a Wild Millionaire Shortbread – a sweet and salty dessert stout, which I also adored along with the Siren Calypso – a tart, sour Berliner weisse.

We then hit the German beer paddle. At this point, the hangover from last night’s beer festival started to make it’s presence known but we bravely ploughed on. I was way less impressed with the German beers and in particular thought the Schofferhofer Grapefruit had undertones of orange calpol but Josh enjoyed the Hofbrau Dunkel; with its caramel and malty flavours. Half way into the German paddle the hangover was kicking in hard and forced us to bail earlier than we’d expected. I Hannah Sierp am a lightweight. Sei nicht bose auf mich (don’t be mad at me).

img_4100Why you should go to Club Mexicana

Club Mexicana are just the best. Everything they make is banging and – along with their new venture, The Essential Mix (amazing vegan salads, seven days a week at Kerb Camden Market) – everything they do makes me giddy. A great night though, as so often, Ich habe zu viel getrunken (I drank too much).

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