Vegan blogs and instagram accounts I love

One of the very best things I’ve found about becoming vegan is how many ace people I’ve spoken to online and IRL. There are so many clever, funny, creative, kick-ass vegans and I love being inspired by their words and jealous of what they’re eating.

Some of my fave accounts are:

Win Friends With Salad – Jen’s awesome blog has beautiful recipes, insightful interviews with other vegans, pictures of her majestic black cats, reviews of places to eat across the UK and wonderful posts about farm animals and how rad they are. I absolutely love it. It also gets the eponymous song stuck in my head, in Homer’s voice, which is a definite plus.

You have to check out Jen’s amazing blog – Win Friends With Salad


Shake Guac And Roll – Ava’s writing is as fresh as her recipes. She takes beautiful photos and her vegan travel guides are amazing. Brilliant recipes and insights.

Yes It’s All Vegan – Tsouni posts the incredible meals she eats at home and away, makes banging food and has a ridiculously cute cat.

Hot For Food – Toronto-based Lauren and John make awesome videos of their OFF-THA-HOOK recipes. I avoid looking at Hot For Food at my desk for fear of embarrassing myself, by drooling, in front of colleagues. 

This Convo Pieces blog is a great intro into all things vegan and has PIGS!


Conversational Pieces – Zoe, as well as being a SE-Londoner too (shout out SE LONDON!) has an amazing blog I’ve been following for yonks. She talks about adventures in London and beyond, interior design, thrifty finds, crafty ideas and things that make her smile. She has two incredible cats and since becoming vegan – just over a year ago – has posted incredibly helpful posts about great places to eat and how to find awesome vegan fashion.

Not So Quiet Girl – Nadia is a vegan writer, animal lover and beauty junkie living in London. She posts product previews and reviews, monthly goals, and the occasional plant-based recipe. She is my go-to when I’m looking for new cosmetics and beauty things.

Pretty Good LDN – created by Ellie and Lewis, a vegan couple from London. They decided to create a blog as they spent a lot of time scouring shops, blogs and social media for products that aligned with their values. There wasn’t anyone covering the products and topics they cared about as vegans.  They believe you can still ‘look pretty whilst doing good’.

Ermergerd. Yes It’s All Vegan’s instagram feed is UH-MAZ-ING.


Floral Frosting – Charis’s posts about the meals she and her family eat give me inspiration on the daily. She is a fantastic baker and an inspiration.

Leicester Veggie – Lindsay is an American girl living in Leicester who turned vegetarian a few years ago and vegan more recently. I love her posts about travelling as a vegan especially.

Something Brighter – Jen is a Sheffield-based vegan and her blog, Something Brighter, featuring recipes and reviews. She says a plant-based diet shouldn’t be difficult or expensive, or come with intimidating standards for presentation, so most of the time she aims to post simple recipes (and crappy smartphone photos) of food that can be whipped up quickly and easily, with readily available ingredients. Hear hear!

Beautiful food and writing c/o Guac and Roll


Esther The Wonder Pig – Esther was sold to Steve and Derek, a Canadian couple in the summer of 2012 as a “micro pig”. She was just 4 pounds, and in under 2 years she grew to be 500 pounds. The couple have kept Esther and in looking into “the dark side” of how pigs are raised and slaughtered share pictures of Esther to remind us all to treats all animals with compassion. Also Esther has some serious sass!


5 thoughts on “Vegan blogs and instagram accounts I love

  1. Thank you so much for including me and making me blush! I am in such good company here too! Love, love, loving your blog! It’s so inspiring and insightful. x


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