My vegan kitchen essentials

So you’re considering trying out veganism? YES MATE! Hold on a moment whilst I arrange a condensed Pink Floyd concert to celebrate!

If you’ve spent a long time preparing meaty-meals or maybe not cooking very much then knowing what to have in the kitchen can be a little overwhelming. This is what I like to have to hand:

Reader, I married him.

Pasta – check it’s egg-free and you’re good to go.
Couscous – because I like quinoa when I have it out but am yet to make it taste good when I cook it.
Rice – chillis and curries are your friend. Buy in bulk if you have the readies/space.
Beans – full of protein and nutrients, cheap they bulk out your meals and taste so fine. Coconut milk – for soups and curries.
Rice Noodles and Udon Noodles – for stirfrys and soups. So quick and versatile.
Nooch aka Nutritional Yeast – I was skeptical at first but this is amazing in pasta and great in sauces
Moo Free chocolate/Dark chocolate – sometimes you just need chocolate, ok?
Nuts – cashew nuts, pine-nuts, peanuts – a great sauce of protein and texure for your meals.
Nut Butters – in smoothies, on toast and in sauces. And, y’know, straight from the jar with a spoon. I try and buy palm-oil free.
Hot sauce and Thai Sweet chilli sauce – I would deem these products truly ‘essential’.
Soy sauce, vinegars, olive oil and sesame oil.
Bagels – check the label to make sure they’re not cheesey/contain milk
Banana Soreen – regular soreen is not suitable for vegans, but banana soreen IS!
As many Nakd bars as I can afford – my faves are Rhubarb and Custard, Carrot Cake and Bakewell Tart. I would arm-wrestle you for one.
Onion gravy – for pie and mash purposes.
Herbs and spices – esp Maldon sea salt, loads of black pepper, nutmeg, chilli, paprika, cumin, oregano, coriander, cinnamon and ras el hanout.
Porridge oats – for breakfast or making flapjacks
Dried fruit, coconut and jams – breakfast toppings or for baking.
Sacla Free-From Pesto – it’s so tasty and really versatile.
Alpro soya Cream – for thickening up pasta sauces and soups to making desserts a bit extra.

Surprisingly tasty vegan cheese

Loads of fruit and veg, obvs.
Dairy-free Milk: almond, soya, oat, rice, cashew – there is a dairy-free milk for you.
Violife pizza cheese – it doesn’t taste exactly like mozzarella but is melty & gooey
Violife ‘Prosociano’ – a vegan parmesan. A bit expensive but lasts a while and is nicely nutty.
Tofu – my fave is the Taifun organic basil.
Alpro ‘Go On’ thick yoghurts – really thick and creamy.
Dee’s sausages – I’m new to them but they’re pretty fancy.
Hummus – just because.
Dairy-free spread – I like the Waitrose avocado one, but there are loads out there. Even Flora make a vegan margarine now.
Vegenaise – I was sceptical of the ‘Better than mayo’ claims but woof. The best vegan mayo I’ve tried. By a long way.

This mayo is INCREDIBLE.

Sweetcorn – I could eat sweetcorn all day long. Sophisticated tastebuds, I know.
Good ice cream – Wall’s Swedish Glace is good and cheap or Booja-Booja is nice as a slightly-expensive treat.
Linda McCartney sausages – my go-to (club) banger. Great at breakfast/brunch or in a roast dinner with loads of veg and gravy.
Linda McCartney sausage rolls – taste a little bit dirty, which is a very good thing in my book.
Hasbrowns – I’ve never met a hashbrown I didn’t like.
Clive’s Pies – the mushroom and leek one is amazing. They do lots of gluten free too.
Fry’s Family – they make all kinds of products with mock-meats. I love the chicken style nuggets – amazing for a lazy dinner or nice in noodles or special fried rice.
Falafel – in case you’re feeling too lazy to make your own.
Crumpets – for lazy Sunday afternoon treats. Some brands have milk but not the Warburton Giant ones. This means more crumpet, right?!


Oh and never mind a kitchen essential, I think it’s pretty essential to have a cat or a pup in your home.  Like my little dudes Betty and Chester.


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    1. Genuinely if you ever find yourself in Beckenham (& I’m in!) you are always welcome to drop by. Almost certain I’ll have tea, biscuits & booze on stand-by!! x

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