How I travel as a vegan…

I have always loved going on adventures and a massive part of what makes travelling exciting is trying new food. So going vegan can seem a bit limiting, and honestly sometimes it can be, but mostly I’ve been delighted with how well I’ve managed to eat when out-and-about.

I will update this article as I visit new places, will do more detailed blogs about what I ate in individual cities, and will be asking for tips when I book vacations – so thanks in advance for any tasty tip-offs.

Whenever I’m planning to go to a new place, whether in the UK or abroad, I like to check out Instagram to see if there are any really neat places I need to try out. Happy Cow is a brilliant resource for showing veg-only and vegan-friendly cafes and restaurants as well as delis, supermarkets and grocery shops that cater to vegans.

When I’ve been on a self-catering holiday I’ve packed a few jars of vegan pesto/snacks to make meals at the villa more exciting, knowing that vegan items might be a faff to track down. I had always laughed at my Mum for packing tea-bags in her suitcase, but it turns out she was on to something.

If you’re roadtripping or hanging around airports – which can be woeful for vegans – then I like to pack nuts, bananas and snack bars to stop from getting hangry.

In summer 2016 I visited Crete and I adored eating huge beans, veg-kebabs, rich tomato pastas, stuffed courgette flowers, olives, vine leaves, chips (you can take the girl out of Birmingham…) and some pretty teeny supermarkets had non-dairy milks and vegan cheese! Dark chocolate was easy to find and the fruit, veg and olive oil were so beautiful and fresh even simple salads tasted amazing. Often the desserts at restaurants included melon and raki so I could get stuck in alongside my non-veg family.

In October 2016 I went on my first American roadtrip as a vegan. Since 2010 I’ve been on a quest, with my husband Josh, to visit each and every US state. Our self-imposed rules mean that to “count” we’ll have had to have spent at least one night in the state and so far we’ve visited 42. You can read all about our travels here. This autumn I visited two new states: Delaware and West Virginia and returned to places I’ve loved – Baltimore, Nashville and Washington D.C. and dropped by Asheville and Knoxville for the first time.

My husband does eat meat, eggs and dairy, so for this trip we’ve settled upon a compromise. Some of the places we ate at were straight-up vegetarian/vegan like Wild Cow in Nashville,  Tomato Head in Knoxville and Plant in Asheville. Some places keenly cater to everyone like Johnny Rads (a dive bar/pizza place) in Baltimore, Mellow Mushroom (another pizza place in Bowling Green) and Local Taco in Lexington, Kentucky. Some places are BBQ/ Diners/ Seafood joints and at these places I will fill up on chips, salad and beer. It turned out to be a little bit more challenging than I’d envisioned. You can read more about this vacation here.

Over December 2016 I visited Copenhagen to see in the New Year. Having watched Borgen I know that the Danes love eating pork but I was absolutely thrilled with how easy and tasty it was to eat vegan food in Copenhagen. I blogged about that trip here but already want to return and try out more of the brilliant-looking veggie places!

Wherever I go, whether in the UK or overseas I can almost certainly be found on instagram loads too!


3 thoughts on “How I travel as a vegan…

    1. I did some planning at the weekend & it looks like there are lots of fun places to eat. Brilliantly it looks like loads of new places opened this year too – veganism is getting more popular all the time! Great news on the supermarket too as I always tend to have one “picnic dinner” to save some ££ on holiday! Really can’t wait to go now!


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